Insecurities will always be looming at your side. When will you begin dealing with your past hurts, rejections and, the hidden feelings of insecurity? You never really realize the affect societal views have on your life until you decide to step outside of the norm and discover who you really are. Through Pop Culture’s influence we, both men and women, tend to be swayed into believing a false descriptive definition of what confidence and the “standard of beauty” is. We start thinking that beauty is accepting Kylie Jenner’s lip plumping challenge! We begin flying out to Miami, Fl to get butt injections because having more curves is what we’re missing! 

Does This Make You Feel Prettier

Does having a curvier figure make you feel any prettier? The fact of the matter is you may get more catcalls as you walk down the street, but is that the acknowledgement you’re searching for? If you enjoy that sort of attention, then go for it! When you’ve figured out his intention, please, please, please, don’t be suprised by his actions! Most importantly, you may think that just because you’ve upgraded your outsides everything is perfect. That’s where you’re wrong. Everything is far from fine and you still haven’t accepted yourself.

Now you’re back to square one. We need to begin strengthening our confidence and dealing with our insecurities.

Where Do I Even Begin

By shutting down all negative influences of our world’s views, we can finally see a “Bigger Picture.” A life of value. A life filled with love and happiness. A life where we shine with confidence and not drown in our insecurities! It is important to write down all your positive and negative qualities on paper. It is far harder than it seems. Most people don’t know how to answer questions about themselves. If it takes you more than a few moments to write down your qualities; it is time to get to know yourself!

Getting to know ourselves 

Through our journey of being uninfluenced, we have found our true authentic self—our likes, our dislikes. We discover a self that no chunky high heels or full coverage makeup could ever conceal. Not only that, we realize our minor issues and heal from them through people. Do you want to live, learn and grow with confidence? I think withdrawing from pop culture for a few weeks does a body good. We are forced to get to know ourselves. We are forced to deal with the things that we, many times, sweep under the rug. A lot of us hope we never have to deal with that hurt because it’s so painful.

Stop Caring About What Others Think 

Most importantly, we begin to care less about what others think when we take the time to know who we are. We begin to strut down New York’s 5th Ave with a glow that radiates brighter than any diamond ring. Nobody can ever take that away from you!

Lastly, we learn that our $1,999.00 grey trench coat paired with our limited edition red-bottoms and our BEATFACE will never replace the woman who knows who she is and loves herself from deep within first.

What is unique about you? Do you know that many women hate their fiery red hair, voluptuous hair, and freckled face as a child? Everything changes as an adult; these same women love their unique characteristics that they hated as a child. If you would like to receive updates about the journeys of women across the world SUBSCRIBE HERE!

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