Photo Credit: @her.radiantlove

Decisions are the name of the game: what decisions are you making? When you first were pulled out of that place, that deep depression, that relationship, things were finally beginning to look up. “Finally,” you say, “I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and I am leaving that place that brought me harm.”

Many people, me included, undermine the fact that being pulled out of a situation doesn’t automatically equate to reaching our destination.

We don’t understand that leaving is, in a since, the easy part. Yes it was truly hard to leave, you cried your eyes out, you went back and forth trying to talk yourself out of leaving. But, when you finally worked up the courage to leave it only leads to more decisions then, more and more decisions.

To not stay where you are or to keep you moving forward  that is the question.

When we are in that wilderness season, that hard-place; sometimes, we get caught up with the ornament figures dazzling in front of us. When you see a christmas tree, the first thing that you recognize, that is if you’ve decorated it, are various tree ornaments. Most ornaments shine, they are bright: glitz and glamour. The fancier the better. 

While on the other side, that place where you are supposed to go, requires cultivation. As it is an area that has yet to be paved. You will be stationed in an area that will force you to make decisions. Don’t become so disillusioned to which you cannot discern the difference between reality and fantasy. It is so important to choose the right decision because, although you can learn from your mistakes, you can waste more time. And, time is something that we cannot get back.

Will you become too comfortable in the place that you are right now?

Will you make the decision to give up because the process became too hard?

Will you make the decision to go in the direction that seems beautiful, but happens to be filled with empty promises? It may look amazing on the outside; but, what will this place look like a year from now? Will you need to change your plans, or negate your morals and beliefs? Will you need to change all that you are to become all that you are not? 

Lastly, don’t allow the glitz and glamour (the surface level stuff) to keep your from reaching your destiny.