Change is required when you are stuck in a hard place: in-between here and now. When I was a little girl, having to grab a tool for my dad from his tool box, I became aware of the variations. Let’s see, there were screwdrivers, hammers, a drill, and the list goes on. Each tool is used for something specific. You can use other tools; however, some tools won’t allow you to get to the end goal as efficiently. Just the same, in our lives, we are to use tools according to their specific purpose.

Are you stuck in-between here and there? Have you found yourself in a frenzy— a hard place, where you don’t know where to turn? You’ve tried to do it this way and that, then you tried to ask people that you knew and respected most. You tried to carry the burden for so long. It has been months.

Still, the log has yet to turn over.

You’ve tried everything in your power, in your knowledge. You’ve tried to use the tools in your tool box, but things aren’t working the way that you’ve expected. You’ve tried to break down the doors yourself: “If I can just meet the person who is head of HR.” you said. Well, you’ve met numerous individuals from that company, you’ve been introduced to the HR rep, yet you still can’t figure out why you haven’t progressed to where you thought you should be.

All those ideas are great, but have you considered that God is trying to get you to a place where you are dependent on Him, and Him alone? Have you considered that God uses people to get the job done, but they are merely resources. If the library burned down tomorrow, or if the internet stopped cooperating: What does that leave you with? Nothing.

What perspective do you need to change, in order to gain what God is trying to teach you?

Resources come and go; its dependent upon circumstances. Have you considered where their source came from? You can burn a book, but an author will forever be the source.

God is the source; He is someone that will never leave you, nor forsake you. God, the source, uses resources as a tool.

They are meant to be just that: a tool.

Tools vs. The Source

Don’t confuse tools with the source. Stop going about the situation in your own strength and might; instead, allow the Spirit to lead and guide you. Furthermore, sometimes, we need to gain understanding of how to properly use the tools in our toolbox; otherwise, we will wind up bending in places that were never meant to be bent.

“Not by force nor by Spirit, but by [His] Spirit.” (Zechariah 4:6 NLT).

When you find yourself carrying the heavy load on your own remember what God said, “For my yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30 ESV). Allow God to take your heavy load, in exchange for His light load. Allow God to be your strength, where you are weak. Allow God to hover you under His wings to protect you.

Will you allow God to change and lead you by His Spirit?