I’m Sasha Frank, a vintage blogger on a mission. After years of interviewing women, I found I shared everyone else’s story but my own. Although I’ll continue to share stories of others, now – I’d like to share a story I know all too well: My Own.

One where I had to walk through murky waters; where I fell and picked it up again. I couldn’t have done it without God. That’s why I’m taking you along the ride… you ready?

I want to comfort those the way I was comforted, to share how my journey led me back home.

Book Testimonials

My soul leaped with hope the moment I recognized that I was not alone. Her testimony will inspire you to begin to heal who you were and reveal who you are to become” – Author, Nettie August

” Your book is such a blessing to me and many others! It’s REALLY blessing me.”

“I don’t even know you, yet I’m so proud of you!” -Trem Putros

It seemed like everything was going amazing a few months back. But what’s the fun…

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Can I be honest? As you know with social media and just being alive– we…

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“You must influence them, do not let them influence you.” (Jeremiah 16:19) Each day we…

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