A few years ago, I was given an opportunity that most people would welcome with open arms—and I did. I was very ecstatic about the opportunity, but all of a sudden I began to think “Am I good enough?” Other thoughts streamed through my head, for example, “What if I don’t create something magical” and “What if I don’t live up to their expectation of me?” Nonetheless – I decided to accept the offer.

Fast forward a few weeks—the time had come for my big opportunity. I had been feeling a lot better during the course of the weeks. But that subtle feeling of uneasiness began to come forward.

I gazed into the mirror and said, “You’re going do amazing!” and “they are lucky to have someone like you on board.” My pep talk really created a positive atmosphere and pushed out any negativity that lingered in my mind. I was so ready!

My pep talk really created a positive atmosphere and pushed out any negativity that lingered in my mind. I was so ready!

As Christians, it is so vital that we use positive words and scriptures to fight the spiritual warfare plaguing our lives. Because you will need it to combat negativity.

I realized that feeling translated into many aspects of my life i.e., school, work, friendships. You never want to let someone down, or have them disappointed in you.

What I’ve realized is that as long as you do your best in everything that you do; it doesn’t matter what the outcome is. You put in the work and that’s all that matters. Now—if you decided to take your opportunity for granted and not put in any work that is a whole different story! Not being prepared indicates that you do not care much about the opportunity. And I cared—almost too much!

I prepared and even conceptualized ideas for this moment. To make a long story short, the opportunity was a success.
We have to learn to walk through the doors that lie open for us, especially if there is nothing in your gut telling you otherwise. If we choose to reject our “open doors,” we are possibly walking out on an experience of a lifetime—an experience that could lead to many other opportunities. More importantly, this could build our confidence in saying “yes” to the unknown. When we do push through the uncomfortable situation, we learn something new!

Next time you are faced with an opposition; choose to step out in faith.

Sasha Frank

I am Sasha Frank, and I am on a mission to experience all that God has for me. What started out as a dream, is now a vision, and is slowly manifesting into a reality.

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