Moving out of your parents house should make sense for you. If you have parents who are willing to allow you to stay in their household after 18 – you should. However, you have to keep in mind that this should only be temporary. You have to have a plan i.e., short term and long term. Whether you are studying in school or working to save up money for a big purchase. Or, maybe you want to spend your time traveling to find out what you want in life. Staying with you your parents in the meantime may be a good option for you!

Your reasoning for wanting to move out of your parent’s house should not start with: “They just don’t get me,” “They gave me a curfew,”  or “They are coming down on me because I don’t clean up after myself.”

Here are a few things you should consider:

Real World 101 – Living at your parents house at one point or another is preparation for you. An introduction into the real world.  By following rules set by your parents you are learning the rules of life. Everything in life you have to follow some sort of instructions. For example: you can’t go over “x” amount of miles on the freeway or you will get a ticket. You can’t cheat on your final exam, unless you want to risk getting expelled. How about you can’t steal; unless you want to go to jail. Lastly example, you must follow your boss’ instructions or you will be fired. If you were dependent on that job to help you pay for your new apartment that you decided to move out in, than you are in even bigger trouble. Everything in life is a lesson. A rule that you must follow. If you aren’t willing to follow your parent’s simple rules what makes you think you are ready for the real world?

Save, Save, Save! – You can expect to have increase in bills. I think it’s great to do your research and estimate your monthly expenses. For example: Rent cost $700, Utilities average $75, Cell phone cost $55, and Car Payment cost $175. Your monthly income should be no less than $1,005. That isn’t even including miscellaneous cost, monthly spending savings etc. This amount is just enough to be living paycheck to paycheck. Therefore, you must aim to make beyond this amount.

Burn Out! – If you are working 40 hours and going to school, after a certain amount of time you are bound for burnout. You can only do so much before your body decides to shut down. If you are in the beginning stages of starting your work experience than  you are likely to have a minimum wage salary. If you live in California that is somewhere around $9.50-$10.00. If you work a total of 40 hours that will total $400/ week. However, after taxes (- $70) you are left with $330. The only issue with working 40 hours a week is that you have to make time to do your homework. After working the last thing you want to think about is doing more work.

Keep your Priorities in Order! – Being on your own can be difficult. Let’s say you have a big exam coming up. Than you decide to take off from work to do extra studying. Or, in many case you are “catching” up with all the reading that you’ve been neglecting. You’re last minute studying paid off and you decide to treat yourself to a spa date. However, your car breaks down the next week and you are forced to postpone your spa date. There are many life situations that arise; however, we must learn to keep our priorities in order. Are you ready to give up a spa date because of a random bill?

No Life! –When you have bills to pay, work and school you rarely have time for anything else but that! No dates. Infrequent Girls Night. Everything in your life is put on hold; until after you’ve got a promotion or graduated. If you have the option to live at home for a little while longer why not take you time, plan and then execute. In the process you will learn a thing or two about patience, planning, and following rules.


When do you think is the appropriate time to move out on your own? What steps did you take that helped you achieve your goals? What suggestions would you give to someone looking to move out on their own?

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Sasha Frank

I am Sasha Frank, and I am on a mission to experience all that God has for me. What started out as a dream, is now a vision, and is slowly manifesting into a reality.

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