Once upon a time everything was so familiar. You had a routine schedule that you were finally grabbing a hold of, and you were finally learning to multitask. Your teachers were even beginning to praise you for how far you’ve come! Everything was finally in place and you couldn’t be happier, until a new chapter was on the horizon! You can feel some transitions ready to be made and it’s completely up to you. You have to ask yourself “are you going to take the ride or will you be missing the train?”

The entrance into the New Year was a power struggle. I felt as if everything was loosening at the seams—in the beginning. What was so nerve-wracking was, the fact that it was so close to showtime! Over the past few years, I’ve been working towards goals that directly align with God’s vision for my life. As deadlines continue to approach and projects begin to near completion; it’s been nothing sheer of amazing. However, finally revealing my work, being vulnerable and being resilient in the pressures that continued to present itself, I began to question myself! What am I doing?

I’m learning to stand still and continue to put in the time. Not allowing this small phase to distract me. Have you ever felt a new chapter on the horizon? Here are a few things you should expect when you are nearing a new chapter in your life:


I am sure we all have had to deal with distractions i.e., social media, personal life, projects, and people drama. There are so many issues that arise during this time of transition. It’s unbelievable. For me, my phone randomly broke and I wasn’t able to communicate effectively. However, I think this happened for the good. I did notice that I was spending a bit more time than I would have liked on social media when I could have been checking things off my to-do list.

Increase Time In Prayer

I think the more we near closer to our purpose, we can easily fall victim. We tend to pray when our heart aches; however, we need to pray just as much during our successful strides. This is the time where we can become distracted and possibly distant to the one who got us there in the first place. We can fall victim of thinking we achieved success in our own strength, power, and knowledge.

Intuition Will Be Challenged

It is so important to follow your gut or intuition; if we don’t, we end up enduring issues that we didn’t have to go through. This semester, I didn’t take courses that my professors firmly thought I should have taken, not to mention my peers. It seemed as though I’d became just another student who wasn’t serious about her career path. However, it was the opposite. I didn’t take the courses because I knew it would have been far too much to handle. I didn’t feel at peace; therefore, I didn’t listen to the noise sizzling around me. Fast forward four months, I am happy I listened to that voice. I was able to move forward in the projects that I’d been working on with peace and less stress.

The Struggle Is Still Real

The past few months, I’ve been battling with issues that I thought I was free from.  It seems when you least expect it—you should expect it. Everything around you can appear to be silent and you don’t seem to get the answers that you want right away. Life can seem to be drifting right from your fingertips, but you must remember to stay focused on the very things that you have been working towards. Keep working towards those goals, even when you only hear silence, even when you feel as though you can’t go on.

Self-doubt Will Arise

I find it so funny that when you begin to enter into a new chapter you begin to question yourself. Am I good enough? I didn’t do so well last time. How is this going to pan out? Every time I plan to get over my nerves, I fall victim to my own negative thoughts. Will I be just making a fool of myself? Will I become the “gossip topic” of the week? Then I realize, I didn’t get this far to go back to where I’ve come from. I didn’t make these sacrifices to chicken out and walk away. I’ve been walking this path so that what I have been promised will come into play. I have been following directions so that all the naysayers will believe.

Sasha Frank

I am Sasha Frank, and I am on a mission to experience all that God has for me. What started out as a dream, is now a vision, and is slowly manifesting into a reality.

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