It seemed liked everything was going amazing a few months back. But what’s the fun in being comfortable? What if I always strive for that “C” because I decided that it was good enough? What if I decided to not further my education in a career path that I feel passionate about? What if I decided to stay in a relationship because I was afraid of change, even if that meant accepting negative verbal slurs.

In those trying years you MUST to forgive and “try” to forget.  But, after being given his platinum card to splurge and pamper yourself; it becomes far easier to “try” to forget, or at least suppress your circumstances for your temporary desire.

You MUST choose the story to be written. Everyone’s story is unique. However, whatever choices you make will have an effect on your future.

We each must embrace change. When that season of change arrives you have to ask yourself: Do I want to stay right where I am? Or, do you want to soar higher than anyone has ever been?

These past few months, I’ve been dragging my feet. Partially because I have yet to find sturdy ground; due to the climate change. The predictable opening that I used to plant my feet in doesn’t work any longer. Those imprinted steps have since turned into sinking sand.

I can no longer do the things that were “acceptable” four months ago. That routine formula is long gone. This is the beauty of change. We not only change in the mental state; however, our experiences allow us to grow as individuals. We become strengthened beyond measure. We learn to be highly adaptable and we learn not to get so stuck in routine.

Changing Up Our Routine

Don’t get me wrong routine is great when you are focused on an end goal. However, when you’ve reached that goal you can no longer have the same input. Your output is different; therefore, your input will possibly be different. Everything learned in your past experiences will come full circle. You may not use EVERYTHING from last season’s routine schedule; however, you will probably take bits and pieces that fit into the puzzle. It is just a matter of figuring out where the pieces fit.

Distractions Come & Go

Since I don’t really know where I can safely land my feet; it’s easy to get caught up in things that don’t really matter. For some, you may get involved in a relationship that you have no business even entertaining. Maybe you’ve become so frustrated that you decide to give into things that used to control your life. It is almost as if you’ve given up because you can’t grasp reality. Don’t go back to that deadbeat boyfriend, or girlfriend (to the male readers). Going back to a situation that had already failed you is like walking into a trap when you’ve been warned about its outcome.

Not Knowing Your Next Step

It’s okay to be disappointed, discouraged and/or even frustrated. It’s normal. In this time of confusion, the best thing to do is continue to do what you’ve always done. Work towards your goals and dive deeper into the details of the direction you’d like to go. By being oblivious to what your next step will be, we are strengthening our faith. We are not leaning into our own understanding. We are not deeming ourselves the controller of our fate. Moreover, we are stating that we can’t look to our own strength; and acknowledging that it’s going to take faith and courage. We must believe even when we don’t know what your next step is.

Which direction would you like to go? Back or Forward? Up or Down?  The choice is yours. Have you ever been placed in a position where you had to choose between comfort and a step of faith?

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Sasha Frank

I am Sasha Frank, and I am on a mission to experience all that God has for me. What started out as a dream, is now a vision, and is slowly manifesting into a reality.

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